Svéa présente le printemps suédois

Le printemps en Suède

In April spring is coming. It is getting warmer and the first flowers that bloom is Tussilago. It is getting yellow in the ditches and that makes everybody happy.


Soon after the Tussilago comes “Blåsippan” In most of Sweden it is forbidden to pick the flowers but in Sala there are so many flowers everywhere that you can pick them as much as you want.


In spring we celebrate Easter. It is a religious holiday in Sweden. After Easter we had Easter-vacations for a week. Easter week starts with PalmSunday (when Christ came to Jerusalem) On Good Friday Christ was crucified. People believed that the witches was active and their black magic was powerful during this week. On Maundy Thursday they flew on brooms to a place called Blåkulla. There they danced with the devil. On easter eve they flew back again. On Maundy Thursday Swedish girls and boys dress up as Easter-Witches and visits neighbours. They often leave a painted card and hope to get candy or money in return.

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Some people send Easter Cards to friends and relatives.


On easter evethe kids get their Easter Eggs filled with candy and the family eat their Easter dinner. Eggs, often decorated are the most common Easter food.


We decorate the Eastertwigs with eggs or feathers.

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In school the pupils do some crafts that they take home to decorate their homes for Easter.


This will become some Easterbunnies. They are going to give them ears and colour…


In spring lots of different birds return to Sweden again. Here is a picture of the Swans. The fields around Sala are almost white because of thousands of them resting on their way north.


A painting of the Swans made by a famous Swedish painter “Bruno Liljefors”


Svea meets both Swans and of course Ducks at this time 🙂

When the spring comes most of our pupils get happy and start to play even more. We are out playing the whole year but we all like spring because of the warmth and the light.


Soon it is time for both the pupils and Svea the duck to take off their warm jackets and start playing in the sun. We are out playing the whole year but we all like spring in Sweden!

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