Un projet mosaïque

June 2015

In the context of the international Erasmus + project “Once Upon An Erasmus Tale”, to which the pupils and teachers of primary school Bernardus in Saasveld participate, along with a mosaic artist, Dimitri Koldewij, a bank has been designed.

In this bank are characteristics of all eight participating countries. Also a mosaic-hocker designed by the youngest children of the school. This is the mascot of this project: a duck!

Each participating country has its own duck, applied in a journal he shows activities of all children throughout Europe.This project encourages the  internationalization of education, brings children and teachers from European countries together and spent, among other things, attention to art. The current project will go on for two more years.
The motifs on the bank are designed by children from the various groups of our school and then by artist Dimitri Koldewij interwoven into a unique result. All children from the school have helped with the cut and set up the mosaic stones.