Les marines de Turner

Les élèves de ce1 (2e année) et cm2 (5e année) ont travaillé avec Pompon sur les peintures de William Turner, en particulier ses marines.

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Chacun a ensuite peint sa propre scène marine.

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Les productions des élèves suédois

Åkraskolan, Décembre 2014

Les enseignants présents lors de la réunion au Royaume-Uni ont présenté le tableau à leurs collègues.


Ensemble, ils ont réfléchi à comment intégrer le travail sur le tableau d’Arthur Esley dans les apprentissages. Ils ont élaboré deux plans de travail: un pour les 6-9 ans et un autre pour les 10-13 ans.

Les plus jeunes (6-7 ans) ont imaginé ce qui aurait pu se passer avant et après ce qui se déroule dans le tableau et en ont fait une histoire. Ils ont ensuite joué les différentes scènes ce qui a provoqué beaucoup de rires.

Les élèves de 8-9 ans ont écrit leur propre histoire inspirée du tableau.


Cette histoire parle d’une mère en sortie avec ses enfants. Beaucoup d’élèves ont considéré la plus âgée des jeunes filles comme étant la maman.

Puis chacun a réalisé son propre tableau “Un appât tentant”.

Auparavant, une sortie a été organisée jusqu’aux écuries voisines. “De nos jours, il est important de porter un casque” a déclaré Emma, une des élèves.


Les élèves de niveau 3 (ce2) ont imaginé la scène telle qu’elle pourrait se dérouler aujourd’hui. La maison ainsi que les vêtements sont différents. Sur ce dessin par exemple, le garçon porte un T-shirt Bob l’éponge.


Les élèves plus âgés, des niveaux 4, 5 et 6 (cm1, cm2, 6e), ont écrit en anglais sur ce que leur inspirait le titre et ont soit reproduit, soit créé leur propre version du tableau.

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Les élèves de niveau 5 (cm2) ont écrit leur histoire en anglais, voici celle écrite par Hampus (aucune correction n’a été apportée).

There was once a little boy his name was Alex and his three sisters Mary, rose and Alice. They wanted a horse so bad but there parents said that it costs too much. so Alex decided to look for one the next morning.The second Alex woke up he put on some clothes, sneaked downstairs and walked quietly outside.The sun was still rising.It was beautiful outside.He walked to the nearest forest and started looking.He looked all day and right wen the sun was setting he heard a *neigh* he ran towards it and there it was a beautiful white horse he ran home and went quietly to bed.The next morning he got his sisters and the went in to woods.He showed them the horse and rose said

“ooh can we keep it ?”

“no silly that’s Mr.Andersen’s horse.He lost it 3 days ago “said Mary

“then we have to give it back “said rose

“I guess” said Alex

they went home and got an apple and a leach they went to the horse Alex hid the leach behind his back and he had the apple in his other hand.Mary,Rose ,Alice and the dog lassie watched carefully while Alex quickly put the leach on the horse.They went to Mr.Andersen’s house and rang on the doorbell he came and opened the door.

“Bessie my darling” “we found her in the woods” said Alex

“she’s been missing for two days, thank you for bringing her home”

they turned around and started walking when Mr.Andersen said

“because you brought her home you can visit any time you want”

they ran back and smiled

“thank you so much” said Mary

the next day they went to Bessie and had so much fun.

Hampus Andersson 5A Åkraskolan Sweden

Voici celle écrite par Kalle, classe de niveau 6 (6e)

A Tempting Bait

In the painting, I see three girls. The girl to the left of the mother has a pink dress, the girl to the right side of the mother has a white dress, and the mother has a blue dress. The girl on the left has blonde hair, and the others have brown hair. The girl to the right of the mother is holding the dog, and the girl on the right of the mother holds the mother’s hand.

Everybody has hair, hands, and on their feet they have socks and shoes. Between the girl to the right of the mother there’s a dog. The dog has brown, white and black fur, paws, a tail and a black nose, the dog is a collie. It is looking at the pony.

There’s a boy in the middle of the painting. He is trying to give the red apple that he is holding in his hand to the white pony, probably so that he can catch it. He is holding a bridle behind his back. The boy has brown shoes, black shorts, and a black and white shirt.

Everyone is in a forest. The forest has many green trees, bushes and some grey rocks. There is a really big tree behind the girl with a pink dress. On the ground, there are some pebbles and green grass. In front of the picture, there is some weed and some flowers.

In the back of the painting, there’s a fence, and further behind it, there is a house. I think the house is brown. The house has a chimney and some windows with white frames.

// Kalle Mattsson

Cela a été amusant de travailler sur le même sujet au travers d’activités variées. Nous avons organisé une exposition afin que chacun puisse voir le travail des autres élèves. Dans notre école, nombreux sont les enfants qui ne parlent pas suédois, cela a été l’occasion pour eux d’acquérir beaucoup de vocabulaire de façon ludique.


Productions des élèves finlandais sur Arthur Elsey

Voici le mur Erasmus de notre école. Vous pouvez y voir quelques productions d’élèves par rapport à notre projet.

Les élèves de 5e année (cm2) devaient écrire en finnois ce que les personnages du tableau pouvaient penser ou dire.

Les élèves de 8e année (4e collège) qui étudie le français, ont écrit sur ce tableau en français.



Pendant le cours d’anglais, les élèves ont écrit des histoires s’inspirant du tableau. Ci-dessous, voici une des histoires écrite en anglais par un élève de 9e année (3e année collège). Il s’agit de la version originale, non corrigée par l’enseignant.

Pure as angels themselves

Some fairytails begin with the words ‘once upon a time’. But this one doesn’t. Instead, I’m going to tell you what this story is about. It will contain 4 kids and pony. No, this is not My Little Pony, if that is what you were thinking. It’s just a plain story about tiny creatures with emotions, the acts done because of them and the consequinces of those acts. But, I’m sure this has already got you interested,  so I will begin with this little story.

There was  a country, that we can’t no longer remember, because there is no one to tell about that mystical land, since everyone of those who lived there are dead now.  But before that there was life. Lots of it, actually. Humans, animals, plants, everything we know that exists now too. So we can assume that the life was pretty much like ours, but old-fashioned. And it was just like that. In this land, in a beautiful little valley covered in forests, there was a house. It was a lovely house, really, plain and simple yet pretty. It made you feel that you want to step in and hear an old clock ticking on a wall and smell the scent of a bread that has just been taken out from the oven. But that wasn’t what you would find in this house. If you would go in, you would hear only a silence, maybe a whine or a sniffle. The air would smell like salty tears, that have escaped from the eyes of innocent children. There was four kids, that had cried those tears. (See, told you. Just you wait for the pony.) These kids hadn’t done anything bad. Their parents just weren’t practically good at parenting. And if you remeber, this was the old times, so it was usual to beat up your kids a little bit. Or just a bit more than that. These kids, hiding in a corner of one room, taking care of each and one another, still had hope though. They had hope in God. They had hope in goodness. They were pure from their hearts. And that was a good thing, really.

The oldest one was a girl, kind and caring. Then there was her brother, curious and protecting. And their little sisters; twins. They were a bit of scaredycats, but they were just as loving and good as their siblings. Together they had survived in life. One day, which was  an usual sunny summerday, that these children so much loved, they were playing in the forests around their house. The forests were called ‘forests’, because even though there was only one, big forest, there were the parts of North, West, South and East. They shouldn’t have been in the woods, it was against the rules, but what choice did they have? It was their safe-zone. No one would hurt them there. And these forests were one of the best things in their lifes.

The kids were happy, running deeper into the forest, climbing in trees, laughing and playing. The boy climbed into a tree, acting like a sea captain. “Ohoy, you little pesky bugs! I can see something!” The oldest girl came under the tree and sighed, saying so loudly that the boy could hear: “Michael! Please, stop calling us like that, it’s not nice!” Michael sat on the branch and sighed, climbing down then and landing in front of his sister. “I’m sorry, I just like pirates. But really Amber, I saw something in there! It was white and a bit shiny!” The girl, Amber, raised a brow and sighed again. “You have fooled us by things like these befo-” “This time I’m not kidding!” Michael looked serious, and Amber knew he wasn’t lying. Amber just nodded, getting a bit excited. “Let’s go check it then.” Michaels face brightened and he took off running, Amber yelling him to slow down. “Iris! Grace! Let’s go! Your brother has found something!” Two heads popped up from a field of flowers, and the two girls smiled and made their way to their older sister. Iris wobbled a bit while she walked, their father had hurted her leg in his anger. Amber lifted Iris into her back and Grace walked along with them, Michael yelling them to hurry up. The siblings walked together, and after a while Michael pointed forward. “There it is! Can you see it?” Amber just nodded and tilted her head a bit. “It looks like an animal to me. Let’s approach carefully, alright?” Everyone else nodded and Amber took the lead, walking towards the white thing. She almost yelped when that something surprisingly stood up, shaking it’s head a little. “It’s a horse!” Grace said, tugging Ambers sleeve. “But it’s so tiny…” Iris said. “And so white. Maybe it is a baby?” Amber shrugged and putted Iris down, looking at the horse more closely.

Now, what you don’t know, is that despite everything else, there was no ponies in this land. So, these kids had just discovered something Holy; A pony that had actually came from heaven. There was religion on this country, and it told that angels rode the skies with tiny horses, as we know them, ponies, so the sky wouldn’t come down from too much weight. This pony had fallen from a crack in the sky, and though it looked like it was alright, it was in pain. Earth wasn’t a place for Holy things, you see.
The kids looked at each other and then back at the pony. Amber swallowed and went closer. The pony didn’t do anything, and Amber carefully patted it’s head. The pony leaned into her hand, finding the touch comforting, and the pain growing a bit smaller. Amber looked into the animals eyes. She saw the pain in them, and it made her sad. She saw herself, and her siblings, all their agony, in that creatures eyes. And lots of more pain too. Amber looked at her siblings and gestured them to come closer. Michael, Iris and Grace joined into the patting and smiled. The pony gave a neigh and the kids chuckeled. “I wonder who owns it”, Amber said and tried to look for something that would identify the owner of the horse, but she found nothing. Michael grinned. “I don’t think it has one!” Iris was stroking the ponys mane. Then she looked at Amber. “Maybe it’s lost and can’t find a way home?” Grace hugged the pony. “Poor thing! Amber, let’s help it! Please?” Amber thinked while petting the animal. She knew that it would be troubling if their parents found out, but there was no way she could abandon anything that obviously needed help. “Alright, let’s help it.” Her siblings were all smiling from ear to ear, and the sight raised a smile on Ambers face too.

A week went by before their parents found out what the children were doing. They had delievered food and water to the pony, taken care of it in every way. But that was unforgiveable to the parents. The father was yelling at the kids inside. “I bet there is nothing in those woods! You shouldn’t even have been there! You have just stolen the food and everything else for yourselves!” The man gripped Amber from her hair, all of the children crying. “You little brats are just a burden for us adults! We never wanted you anyway!” Michael was hugging Iris and Grace, while Amber bited her lip, tears flowing down. “IF YOU CAN’T BE NICE, YOU SHOULD JUST LEAVE!” The yell was really loud, and before the kids knew it, they had been kicked out from the house. Amber hugged all her siblings, whispering that it would be okay. That they would find a more suitable place to live. The kids stood up and started to walk into the forest, sniffling ang gathering themselves together. They walked to the pony, slumping down on the ground. The pony went to poke them with it’s chub, Amber patting it. “I’m sorry… We got found. We can’t take care of you anymore…” The pony gave a neigh and poked her more, Amber looking at it, into it’s eyes. Then the pony looked at it’s back and then at Amber. Amber understood and stood up, looking at Michael, Iris and Grace. “Hey? I know what we can do.” The kids looked at Amber, and the couraging smile on her face. They sat up and Amber pointed at the pony. “Let’s climb to it’s back.” She helped her beloved sisters and brother to the back of the pony, climbing into it’s back herself. The pony shouldn’t have been able to carry all of them, but it somehow was. The love and caring of these children had made it strong, so strong that it could gallop back to the heaven it had fallen from. Amber told everyone to hold on really tightly, and then everything went as white as the pony that was carrying them.

The next time they woke up, they were in a white place. A really white place. Amber was taking care of her siblings as they were coming back to their senses, when they saw a girl. The girl had a white dress on her, and tiny little wings in her back. She was petting the pony that the kids had been taking care of, and then she turned to look at Amber. Amber flinced, but the girl raised her hand calmly. “No need to worry, I won’t harm you. My name is Eliza. Thank you for helping my dear friend, John. I was really worried about him.” The children looked at each other and then at the girl. Michael stood up. “Where are we?” Eliza smiled at him and replied: “Darlings, you are in Heaven. It is surprising, actually. Only angels should be able to ride on ponies.” Iris and Grace stood up too. “What’s a pony?” Iris asked and Grace added: “And why did John take us here?” Eliza patted John and answered: “Ponies are these little horses. We angels ride on them.” John shooked it’s head a bit and Eliza laughed in a clear, beutiful voice. “I think John wanted to help you as you helped it. It wanted to give you a new home.” Amber smiled a tad, looking at the pony. “Thank you”, she said in a quiet but happy voice. Eliza smiled at the children, holding out her hand for them. “So, would you want to accept John’s offer?”

Amber, Michael, Iris and Grace. No one remembers them anymore, nor does no one remember that angels ride on ponies. So make sure you remeber. But the story didn’t actually end in here. Amber and the others were taken to God himself, where Eliza told what they had done to help John, and the actual miracle that mortals had been able to ride a pony that had fallen from heaven. How had it been possible? Because these kids were like angels. They had been through a rough life, but they were pure as angels from inside. This alone was enough for them to stay in the heaven, and they made lots of friends. It was full life for them, and they were happy. And they will be happy for all eternity.  What did you learn? Be nice to people, and you will be rewarded with happiness, in one way or another.

The End

Jenni, 9th grade


Nos élèves de 2e année (CE1) ont recréé le tableau en faisant des statues de neige.