Visite des partenaires Erasmus à l’école Bernardus

Time goes by so quickly when you are having fun with each other.
We have had a great time. We have talked a lot about education and our pupils showed you what it is like in our schools.
We are very proud of them and they are very proud of our school and the way we work in our schools.
We have done a lot in these few days, but now it has come to an end.
We thank you all for visiting our school and our Country. We hope we can stay in touch and learn more from eachother.

In our album you can find more photo’s… Both Albums will be filled with more photo’s in the comming days…

Visit of the Erasmus+Nations

Yesterday we went to Amsterdam to pick up our guests from the other Erasmus+ Nations.
We visited the Rijksmuseum and went on a boattrip through the Canals of Amsterdam.
Today the children of our school welcomed all the visiting teachers by singing the TALE-song.
After a groupstart, the children of both the schools in our WEB, gave the teachers a tour around the classrooms.
They did it very well and we are very proud of them all…

In our album you can find photo’s of the start of this visit… 
A little excuse for the photo’s that are upsidedown…

Date de la réunion et de la session de formation

Les enseignants du projet se sont réunis en avril 2017 aux Pays-Bas.

La session de formation a eu pour thème les techniques picturales de deux artistes néerlandais, suite à la visite des musées qui leur sont consacrés.

Le directeur de l’école ainsi que les collègues finlandaises ont été interviewés par RTV OOST sur cette visite.