L’histoire proposée par les élèves néerlandais

Les élèves ont complété l’histoire de nos mascottes. La phrase introductive avait été écrite par Thomas Scotto, un écrivain français de livres pour enfants que nous avions rencontré durant notre réunion en France. Nos élèves ont fait preuve d’imagination et ont écrit la suite de l’histoire en utilisant un traitement de texte par ordinateur.

That morning the sun was shining for the first time of the year. Hurray..Spring has started. Elsa, a little duck, walked around the lake, she felt sad as she’d no friend. She didn’t realized she’d a secret lover who was hidden in the bushes.Suddenly Elsa stumbled… and when the strong, smart duck wasn’t be able to pick her up, Elsa has been fallen down. “Hi thank you, “ she said; “ Thats’s very nice of you.” “ You’re welcome“ the duck answered. “What’s your name?” “Elsa” she blushing answered; “what’s your name?” “My name is Max, shall we go for a walk togehter?” So they left together and went for a swim between the water lilies in the lake. Some moments later they found out to enjoy a picknick on a very big water lilie.They had taken some drinks, some sweet and food with them. Suddenly they saw a little boy crying alone on a water lelie. They went to the boy and asked what was going on with him. The little boy answered: “ I’ve no friends who like to play with me.” Then Elsa and Max invited him to enjoy together a nice picknick.Just there was one little problem….In what way the boy had to survive the water? Max found a solution and said: “ Come on my back.” In that way they arrived at the picknick place to enjoy together food, lovely drinks and the sweet. They had a lovely time together!

José Boenders