Visioconférence entre les écoliers néerlandais et finlandais

May 2016

On Tuesday May 17th we skyped with the 12 year old pupils of the Vaajakummun Koulu in Finland. For us it was very special and we learned a lot of it. We are 7, 8, 9 and 10 years old. We don’t follow english lessons at our school at this age. Here we follow english lessons when we are about 11 years old.
With Finland we talked about our holiday. We just had two weeks of holiday. Now we go to school till the July 18th, then we have 6 weeks holiday. When we don’t go to school we like to play football, playing outside, we like to swim and a lot of pupils enjoy their holiday in another country. Of course we had to ask the Finnish friends if they knew how Kimi Raikkonen (from Finland) drove at the Formula 1. We had a lot of fun about it because Kimi Raikkonen finnished second. Our Max Verstappen won the race!!